February 16, 2016

Programs and Services – A Holistic Approach


Women who have been incarcerated are among the most invisible and underserved people in our community. Our clients gain the tools and skills to re-connect with their families, complete their educations, find employment, and become self- sufficient members of society.

WE BELIEVE in the right of every person to be treated with dignity and respect, and are deeply committed to our role as a primary source of healing, hope, and restoration for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women. We offer two primary programs that are essential in the lives of women returning from incarceration.

LIFE SKILLS EDUCATION PROGRAM FOR INCARCERATED WOMEN AND GIRLS Because rehabilitation begins long before release, this program helps incarcerated women and teen girls break the self- defeating behavior cycles that lead to criminal conduct and begin to build the skills necessary to re-enter society. Classes are specifically designed to help them with the issues they will face when they are released back into neighborhoods and family structures that are unhealthy and unsupportive.

Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility  Classes help women identify the underlying issues that caused their criminal behavior, so that they can create healthy behavior patterns and avoid returning to jail once they are released.

J.A. Hawkins Prison Unit Many incarcerated women have struggled with substance abuse, been victims of domestic violence, and have poor anger management and communication skills. Classes help women identify their own unhealthy behavior patterns and equip them with the tools needed for re-entry back into environments that may not be supportive after release.

Pulaski County Juvenile Detention Facility Our program for teen girls is designed to help them break unhealthy behavior cycles that lead to poor choices, helping them successfully re-enter school and community, and prevent entry into the adult criminal justice system.


TRANSITIONAL RE-ENTRY SERVICES We offer Transitional Re-entry Services to women who have been recently released from jail or prison. Our re-entry services help women successfully transition back into the community and move into economic security. We provide: Basic necessities such as clothing and personal care items; placement in residential drug and alcohol treatment; placement in transitional housing; transportation vouchers to seek employment; and continued Life Skills Education.

Your generous support will provide valuable Re-entry Services listed below:

  • Transportation Vouchers: $35.00
  • Basic Needs (personal items, bedding): $75.00
  • Clothing: $100.00
  • Transitional Housing (one week): $150.00


Transitional Re-entry Services Donation