May 4, 2016


The Center for Women in Transition offers classes to the ladies that assist them to reintegrate back into society and become productive healthy members of their communities. At our center we offer:

Anger Management This class helps women learn to develop coping skills for dealing with anger and other negative emotions. They learn to identify their anger triggers, choose healthy responses to anger, and develop effective communication and conflict resolutions skills.

Parenting In this class women learn universally applicable principles that will assist in understanding the role as a parent, practical lessons about discipline, including getting better understanding of punishment versus discipline and the importance of maintaining the right attitude.

Relapse Prevention This class was created to help women learn to identify life patterns related to addiction, understand co-occurring disorders, and learn how to take charge of their lives and seek support for ending addiction and substance abuse.

Empowerment Principles for Women This class will allow women to address issues of low self-esteem and low self-worth. We will examine the internal woman vs. the external woman and examine the connection to negative behavior.

Domestic Violence This class was created to help women change the beliefs and behaviors that lead to involvement in abusive relationships. They learn to recognize trauma in their lives and develop the strength and self-esteem necessary to avoid future involvement with potential abusers.

Process Group Women learn to value themselves and other women as a result of participating in this weekly support group.